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3 years, 10 months and 6 days – that’s how long I looked for ways to help get our baby to sleep. I tried everything imaginable under the sun – anything short of drugs or letting him cry it out. And he would not sleep. Julian usually woke up every 2-3 hours, sometimes more often, needing help to get back to sleep.

If you have come to this page, I bet you know what it’s like to have gone without a decent night sleep for months – or maybe even for years. You know what it feels like to get up every morning, everything inside of you just begging for a bit of sleep. You know what it’s like to be tired all day long, unable to focus, getting short with the kids – and then feeling guilty about it.

I feel for you – and there is hope!

In my quest to find something that would help our baby to sleep – something that would actually work for us – I came across many good ideas that brought improvement – and almost 4 years later, I also found a “miracle solution” (we call it the sleep sticker), the ultimate shortcut, something that is so simple and yet works wonders.

And since every mommy deserves a good night sleep, I am here to share all the “good stuff” I have learned over the last several years – including what finally helped even our baby to sleep, so that you don’t have to go through this for 4 years yourself.

For easy reference, here are the top 3 baby sleep products, sorted based on how easy and effective each approach is. And below you will find additional ideas and more info about each of these.

See what feels right for you – and feel free to take the shortcut so you and your baby get to sleep soon, too.

#1.   Sleep Stickers

The ultimate shortcut - and also the only product that finally solved Julian's sleeping problem! The Sleep Stickers (officially sold as "Rest Quiet" chips) look like a clear sticker and are "programmed" with a unique blend of intrinsic energies that help your baby's body balance itself. I know it sounds woo-woo, but it really does work. Just place the sleep sticker on a specific point on your baby's body, and her body does the rest. Some babies start sleeping within a few nights, others may need a couple of weeks. Either way, it is worth sticking with it, because it is so easy, and it will work for you, too. Click here to read more about Sleep Stickers

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#2.   Swaddling

Swaddling is an age-old secret to calming your baby and helping him sleep better – and it decreases the risk of SIDS! Most parents give up on swaddling because baby gets out of his swaddle too easily – I remember how frustrating that was! We were very lucky to find the Miracle Blanket® early on - it makes swaddling super easy. Because of its great design, it can be used for babies of all ages, and it works! Click here to read more about Swaddling

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#3.   White Noise

Although it feels counter-intuitive to most of us, many babies actually sleep better with noise. After all, they are used to a very noisy environment in the womb – and white noise tunes out the rest of the household hustle and bustle.
The CD that worked best for Julian is from Dr. Harvey Karp's “The Happies Baby on the Block”. The newest CD has even more tracks, including the sounds of a hair blow dryer and rain. But for us, the magic was in the very “strange” sounding tracks 2, 3, and 4. Also works great to help your baby calm down in the car! Click here to read more about White Noise

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baby to sleep Your Dream Come True!

“Sleep Stickers”:

Okay, so this is not the official name of this amazing little product, but this is what we call them in our house. And this has been the breakthrough that finally helped Julian sleep through the night – all the time.

It’s a little holographic chip that looks like a clear piece of tape (hence why we call it a “sticker”), and it goes on specific points on your baby’s body.

While this really is very fascinating technology, here is the simple way to explain it:  Each chip carries specific information that communicates with your child’s body (similar to acupuncture). The information in the chips help balance the body’s energy and helps your baby to sleep. These chips are 100% safe and natural.  NOTHING actually enters the body, it works purely energetically.

I know, it sounds a bit woo-woo, but it works, is absolutely safe for every age and EASY. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of life’s problems could be fixed with a sticker?

By the way, the chips work just as well for adults, so now our entire family sleeps like angels.

Click here for more details on how to help your baby to sleep using the “sleep stickers”.


Swaddling  has been known to help get your baby to sleep for generations and generations. It just means that you wrap your baby tightly in a little blanket so that he can’t move around. Most babies calm down much quicker when they are swaddled – and this is actually great to use even past the first few weeks of his life.

If you are frustrated about your little energy bundle kicking her way out of the swaddle, rest assured, there are great products nowadays that will make it really easy  – and comfy for your baby!

Click here to read more about how swaddling can help you get your baby to sleep.

White Noise:

In the early phase of your baby’s life, white noise and swaddling can be a great combination, but even once your child is out of the swaddle stage, white noise is a great way to help your baby feel comfortable and to tune out the other sounds in your house hold (aka siblings, dogs, phone … you know what I mean :) ).

To read more about how white noise can help your baby to sleep, click here.


I love, love, love my sling. It has not just made the normal day-to-day activities with a “I-am-grumpy-because-I’m-tired” baby much easier, it made shopping and traveling a breeze as well.

I have tried four carriers/slings, until I settled on my favorite: the Maya Wrap.

I cannot recommend the use of a sling enough. I admit that it took practice in the beginning, and I must have watched that accompanying video at least 10 times – but boy, am I grateful I learned how to use it.

To read more about why a sling is a life-saver for tired moms and helps your baby to sleep, click here.

Bedtime Routine:

Okay, I admit: This one has been the hardest for me to stick with. Although I kept reading everywhere how important it was to have a bedtime routine to get your baby to sleep, this one really took a ton of energy for me to keep up with.

But I also know that it depends on your personality. Some people are really good at planning their day and sticking with that – hooray if you are one of them! I have many strengths – but this is not one of them. However, since this generally helps your baby sleep better, I certainly wanted to include it in this list.

To read more about how bedtime routines can help your baby to sleep, click here.

I am confident that you will find something in these pages that will work for you and your baby, and I trust that you, too, can soon say “It’s so easy to get my baby to sleep!”

Wishing you ‘Sweet dreams’,

Marion Solis

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